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The Amazing Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar


Taken internally it has all sorts of incredible health benefits, but it can also be used as a rinse for beautiful hair and applied to skin for a number of reasons. To discover all of the incredible ways you can use apple cider vinegar, visit below… We have found a ton of information about […]

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Chicken farm uses oregano oil instead of antibiotics


A chicken farm is using oregano in place of antibiotics. Sometimes the best remedies are found in nature. A chicken farm in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania is utilizing oregano to feed chickens. The company, Bell & Evans is home to loose oregano lying around in trays and barrels of oregano oil. For approximately three years, the chickens […]

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How To Make Organic Butter In Under 5 Minutes!


Most of the butter found in grocery stores is not  healthy, because it is made from pasteurized milk. Homemade organic butter is very healthy as it still contains many of the vitamins and minerals found in raw milk.  Butter is packed with Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is vital for the health of our eyes, skins, […]

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Rise of saturated fat in diet does not raise fats in blood


A new controlled diet study has found that increasing the levels of saturated fat in the diet does not lead to increased levels of saturated fat in the blood. However, increasing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet was found to raise the levels of a fatty acid associated with diabetes and heart disease. Diets […]

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Cranberries For Urinary Tract Infections – New Evidence


Researchers have found a new use for cranberries in combating bacterial infections, including preventing bacterial colonization in urinary catheters. Two studies published in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology and Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces revealed that cranberry powder can inhibit the bacterium Proteus mirabilis, a bug commonly found in complicated urinary tract infections (UTIs). The […]

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The Correct Diet Can Help Avoid Kidney Disease


Bad diet choices and habits like smoking and obesity are linked to an increased risk for kidney disease, suggests a new study published in the American Journal of Kidney Disease. A group of investigators, led by Alex Chang, MD, of Johns Hopkins University, discovered that people with regular kidneys whose diet quality was bad – […]


Oreo cookies as addictive as cocaine – to lab rats


A group of students and a professor of neuroscience have discovered that Oreo cookies may be as addictive as cocaine or morphine – to lab rats at least. Professor Joseph Schroeder and his students at Connecticut College were conducting research on the addictiveness of high-fat and high-sugar foods, and how, for instance, they may contribute […]

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Omega 3 fish oils linked to prostate cancer risk


Eating a lot of oily fish or consuming omega supplements may not be good for a man’s health. New research reveals that males with high blood concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. The finding comes from a large prospective study published in the Journal of the National […]

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Iron-rich foods to prevent anemia could lower dementia risk


Researchers have discovered that low iron levels in blood and anemia could be linked to increased risks for dementia, according to a study published in the journal Neurology. Anemia occurs when the number of red blood cells or concentrations of hemoglobin, a protein inside red blood cells, are low. Researchers from the University of California, […]

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How much sugar is in your food?


In our modern and fast-paced lives, it may be difficult to keep a healthy balance of nutrients in our food. Sugar is one of these nutrients, and the cells in our body would die without it. Consuming too much sugar, however, raises the risk of several problems, including poor dental health, obesity and type 2 […]